New York Center for Energy & Carbon Management Training

Welcome to E-CMT: Building Tomorrow’s Green Energy Workforce

The collaboration between the CUNY Building Performance Lab (CUNY BPL) and New York State Homes and Community Renewal (NYS HCR) sets the stage for an innovative initiative aimed at developing a skilled workforce for the green economy. Supported by NYS HCR, CUNY BPL is excited to introduce the New York Center for Energy and Carbon Management Training (E-CMT), a program designed to provide comprehensive education in building performance and operations. This pioneering program not only lays the groundwork in the fundamentals of building performance, but also offers pathways to various professional certifications. By coupling academic instruction with real-world  traineeships through the HCR Weatherization Assistance Program’s sub-grantee network, E-CMT ensures that participants acquire the practical experience necessary to thrive in the rapidly evolving building performance sector. This initiative underscores the collective commitment of both institutions to foster a diverse and equitable workforce equipped to navigate the challenges of sustainable development and building energy efficiency.


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