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Energy and Water Benchmarking

Compliance with Local Laws 84 and 133.

Building Energy Grades

Compliance with Local Law 33 and 95.

NYC Local Law 97

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions limits.

Energy Audits and Retro-commissioning

Requesting energy and water data from utilities.

About Us

The NYC Sustainability Help Center is a free public resource for NYC’s major building sustainability laws. Our scope has expanded over the years in response to the City’s climate initiatives — especially its 80×50 mission to reduce 80% of carbon emissions by 2050. 

We receive thousands of phone and email inquiries each year from building owners, property managers, energy consultants, and others who want to learn more about NYC’s sustainability laws require clarification on compliance guidelines, or need help with various reporting requirements. In addition to our live support, we offer a number of virtual classes and trainings pertaining to building sustainability in NYC.

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