Building Energy Efficiency Ratings (Energy Grades)

Local Law 33/95

Requires most buildings that are required to benchmark to display Building Energy Efficiency Rating labels containing A-D or F Energy grades. Energy rating labels are available every October 1st in the Department of Buildings DOB NOW portal to be printed and posted by October 31st. Energy grades must be displayed for the entire year until a new rating is received next October.

Helpful Links

LL33 Statute

NYC’s energy efficiency rating law.

LL33 Rules

Active ordinance rules.

LL95 Statute

The amended law in which the grading criteria was adjusted.


The Department of Buildings’ FAQ regarding Local Law 33/95. If your question does not appear on this list, please reach out to the NYC Sustainability Help Center for assistance.

DOB Steps to Compliance

The City’s instructional PDF booklet for complying with Local Law 33/95. There is a list of Property Types that are eligible to receive a letter grade on page 5.

DOB NOW Portal

The Department of Buildings’ Self-Service portal for Permits, Appointments, and Applications. You can retrieve your letter grade label here by clicking on the “Building Energy Efficiency Rating Label” icon and entering your borough, block, and lot.

Energy Grade Breakdown

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