About E-CMT

Supported by New York State Homes and Community Renewal (NYS HCR), the program will be deployed state-wide across various SUNY and CUNY campuses. This funding includes significant allocation for student stipends and support, promoting access for non-traditional students who may not otherwise be able to participate.

The program will actively seek connections with SUNY and CUNY academic programs and their diverse student bodies, creating opportunities for both matriculated and continuing education students to explore career paths within the building performance sector as part of the energy transition.

Mission Statement

The CUNY Building Performance LAB (CUNY BPL) will foster a diverse and equitable workforce equipped for emerging challenges in the building performance industries. Supported by New York State Homes and Community Renewal (NYS HCR), the program combines academic training with hands-on experience through internships with the Weatherization Assistance Program sub-grantee network. This immersive experience prepares participants for professional certifications as well as the dynamic demands of the changing building performance industries.

Vision Statement

Through rigorous training and internship work, graduates of the E-CMT program will be positioned to become leaders in the building science industries. The E-CMT program will equip participants with baseline technical knowledge and the additional experience and training they will need to advance their careers.

Our Team

Michael Bobker

Founding Director

Yasmeen Khan


James Lane


Joyce Jackson

Senior Training Associate

Abraham Rodriguez

Learning Specialist

Clayton Gregory

Learning Specialist

Alexa Yalshin

Instructional Designer

Shuhrat Jahan 

Funding Coordinator

Peter Krumdieck

Senior Building Science Educator

Alejandra Villanueva

Program Associate

(Graphic Designer)

Khadija Mohammed


El Hadji Ady Gaye


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