Gas Safety Training Series

Are You Prepared if there is an Accident?

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and can result in fires or explosions.

Local Law 152 of 2016 requires NYC building owners to have their building gas piping inspected periodically.

Free Training Opportunities

CUNY BPL has partnered up with Con Edison to offer two of the most invaluable courses every building owner, property manager, and building staff member could take, for FREE. These courses will educate and prepare you and your staff for gas related incidents.

All classes are free and fully remote. For property owners and managers enrolling about 20 participants, we can schedule a private class for your company.

Superintendents, Maintenance Staff, and Building Operators should know what to do in the event of a potential gas incident. This course will cover:

  • Gas safety basics
  • Compliance with new NYC laws (of 2016) that describe how building staff must respond to potential gas leaks
  • Preparedness – working with first responders; minimizing the impact on the building

As a building owner or property manager, this training will better equip you and your team to:

  • Maintain a safe and secure gas system in your building(s)
  • Manage liabilities of potential gas incidents
  • How to comply with new regulations related to gas safety
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