NYC Building Operator Training (Old)

Graduates of the Covington Realty Services cohort proudly display their Building Operator Training certificates.

The NYC Building Operator Training Program is part of New York City’s OneNYC commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 (80×50).

Since 2017, Building Operator Training has been improving the skills of operations and maintenance staff working in NYC’s residential buildings through an overview of critical building systems with an emphasis on preventative maintenance and energy efficiency.

What It Is

  • NYC Building Operator Training is a 30-hour training course for supers, operators, and maintenance staff of all NYC multifamily buildings (prior to July 2019, BOT was limited to staff of small to mid-sized buildings).
  • Now offered fully online.
  • Curriculum materials are available in Spanish and English.
  • Course is offered at NO COST to all eligible participants!

What It Covers

Designed by operations & maintenance (O&M) training experts, the curriculum covers:

  • Building envelope
  • Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Building systems, including heating, electrical, and water systems
  • Healthy, safety, and resilience/emergency management
  • Water conservation and lighting and appliance efficiency 
  • Building management and communications

For more detail on the curriculum and eligibility requirements: Course Outline and Eligibility.

Training Impact

Completing the Building Operator Training program can result in energy savings of 5–20%without requiring any major capital expenditures. Since it launched in early 2017, more than 1,300 building staff, including maintenance staff, property managers, supers, and handymen/women have participated in the training. Read more about the impact of the program: Building Operator Training Testimonials.

Wage Gain Preference

While all applications for the program will be considered, employers that agree to provide a wage gain for their staff in recognition of their newly acquired skills are prioritized. Employers have reported measurable — sometimes immediate — savings on their energy bills, and passing along a portion of these savings to employees in the form of wage gain reinforces the commitment across the organization to energy and water use reduction and overall sustainability.

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