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The E-CMT program prepares both new entrants and veteran workers for future work in the building performance industries.


The E-CMT program, supported by New York State Homes and Community Renewal (NYS HCR), is designed to develop a skilled workforce in the green economy. It provides comprehensive education in building performance and operations, emphasizing hands-on experience and professional certification pathways. The program is a collaboration between CUNY Building Performance LAB (CUNY BPL) and NYS HCR, aiming to foster a diverse and equitable workforce equipped to navigate sustainable development and building energy efficiency challenges.

Target Audience

E-CMT targets a wide range of participants, including new workforce entrants (college students, high school graduates, adults re-entering the labor market, veterans, and formerly incarcerated individuals) and incumbent workers in the energy sector seeking further specialization.

Certifications and skills

Participants can earn industry-recognized certifications through training in building energy fundamentals, coupled with hands-on lab experiences and traineeships within the Weatherization Assistance Program’s sub-grantee network. The program covers various aspects, from foundational courses to advanced specializations, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the dynamic building performance industries.

Pathway to success

Flexible and comprehensive Curriculum:

The curriculum is designed to accommodate both beginners and those with experience in the energy sector. It includes over 180 hours of training curriculum and workshops. The program design offers flexibility for participants to engage part-time, catering to working professionals and students.

Support Services:

To support diverse and non-traditional students, E-CMT aims for at least 50% participation from disadvantaged communities, offering stipends and wrap-around services based on need. This includes transportation stipends, child care subsidies, and career planning and academic support, ensuring accessible and equitable opportunities for all participants.

Application Process:

Interested individuals are encouraged to complete an online interest form for specific registration information. The program offers initial free pilot participation with need based stipends available to cover registration or tuition fees, making it an excellent opportunity for eligible participants to advance their careers in the green energy workforce.

For a detailed program description and to understand how E-CMT is building tomorrow’s green energy workforce, visit the E-CMT Program Overview and E-CMT FAQs on the CUNY BPL Training website.

Program Duration

Core Program

1. Energy Technician Certificate

(90 hours + OSHA 40)

(6-credit equivalent)

Two course sequence covering basic science and engineering topics and skills development.

2. Mastery Badge

(90 hours + workshops)

(6 credit equivalent)

Two course sequence that focuses on construction practices and specific key retrofits.

4. In-Service Specialization Certificate *

(90 hours)

(6 credit equivalent)

Check back later for more details!

* Not offered until year 2 of the program.


  • Construction Math (15 hours)
  • Tools (3 hours)
  • Workplace Behavior (6 Hours)
  • Career Paths (3 hours)

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