Energy and Water Benchmarking

Local Law 84/133

Requires buildings with a minimum gross floor area of 25,000 square feet to submit an annual energy & water benchmarking report to the City using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Buildings that are required to comply with this law can be found on the Covered Buildings List which is updated every late February to early March. This list will also clarify whether or not you are required to include water consumption in your report.

Helpful Links

LL84 Statute

NYC’s benchmarking law which required a minimum gross floor area of 50,000 square feet.

LL133 Statute

NYC’s amended benchmarking law which includes buildings of 25,000 square feet or greater.

LL84 Rules and LL133 Rules 

DOB Compliance Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for completing the benchmarking report.

How to Benchmark a Campus

ENERGY STAR’s instructions for creating and benchmarking a campus in Portfolio Manager.

Need to benchmark for the first time?

Follow steps 1-9.

Have you benchmarked before?

Not sure which steps to take the second time around? Check steps 1, 7, 8, and 9. And don’t forget to request data uploads from Con Edison and retrieve the new reporting template at

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