Benchmarking Refresher for Returning Users

Benchmarking is required every year but only once a year, making it easy to forget the steps.


This training is offered by the NYC Sustainability Help Center in the Spring. It is intended for building owners, property managers and building representatives with prior benchmarking experience.

Cost: Free
Duration: 1 hour
Location: Online

This special refresher will walk you through the steps you need to take to submit your benchmarking data well in advance of the annual May 1st deadline.

What We Will Cover

  • Review property details for accuracy. (Property type cannot be “other“)
  • Request energy usage data uploads from Con Edison
  • Confirm National Grid and DEP automatic uploads (if applicable)
  • Request water data from DEP (if required to report water for the first time)
  • Reminder to request and obtain Fuel Oil data (if applicable)
  • Confirm energy data uploads from Con Edison
  • Confirm water data uploads and meter settings from DEP
  • Confirm oil data entries
  • Run error check and submit your benchmarking report to The City of New York
  • Review building letter grade deadline and how to obtain your letter grade label


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