Crash Course on NYC Building Energy Laws

Do the NYC rules for building letter grades, benchmarking and the limits on building greenhouse gas emissions have your head spinning? This class has got you covered.


In this FREE, three-hour seminar for building owners, property managers, and consultants, we will discuss all of the greenhouse gas-related local laws that impact the majority of NYC’s larger buildings and get you on the road to energy savings and compliance for your building.

This class provides industry professionals with a detailed overview of the building laws, how they complement each other, strategies for compliance and resources for further assistance

Cost: FREE
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Online

What We Will Cover

  • Building Energy Efficiency Grades: LL33 of 2018, LL95 of 2019
  • Energy and Water Benchmarking: LL84 of 2009, LL133 of 2016
  • Limits on Building Greenhouse Gas Emissions: LL97 of 2019
  • Energy Audits and Retro-commissioning: LL87 of 2009
  • Energy Conservation Code: LL85 of 2009
  • Lighting and Sub-metering: LL88 of 2009, LL132 and LL134 of 2016
  • Green Roofs and Solar: LL92 and LL94 of 2019
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy Loan Program for Sustainable Energy – PACE: LL96 of 2019


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