BOC Testimonials

Since BPL became the first BOC training provider in NYC in 2007, the feedback to the program has been overwhelmingly positive from BOC grads, instructors, and BPL training partners alike. Here is a sampling of what we’ve heard:

“The student response to the BPL’s Building Operator Certification course has been extremely positive. This challenging course gives operators and superintendents a broader knowledge of building systems and the sometimes complicated ways in which they interact.”

— James Barry, Manager of Program Development, Building Service 32BJ Thomas Shortman Training Program (BPL training partner)

“The BOC course was very timely for me as we are in the process of being LEED certified at one of the buildings I am responsible for. Also it prepared me on the nuts and bolts of energy audits and how to decipher where best to apply resources for the best bang for the buck.”

— Patrick Connell, Chief Engineer, Citi / Jones Lang LaSalle (BOC graduate)

“With the industry constantly moving in the direction of green technologies, I have found the BOC course both relevant and effective. Students are able to realize savings and quantify those savings to increase their value in their facilities.”

— Howard Styles, Training Director, I.U.O.E. Local 94 (BPL training partner)

“The course presented industry standardized methods and practices for benchmarking energy consumption, as well as pinpointing methods for reducing energy consumption. Additionally, the instructors brought real-world expertise to the dilemma of targeting systems for upgrade versus routine O&M.”

— Rory O’Brien, Supervisor of Mechanics, NYC Department of Sanitation Support Services (BOC graduate)

“Taking the BOC course has made me more aware of energy saving opportunities in my workplace. This course took me to the next level of reviewing individual systems in my operation.”

— Rocco Ferrigno, Chief Engineer, Citigroup (BOC graduate)
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