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CUNY Building Performance Lab (CUNY BPL) is the go-to training provider for real estate owners, building operators, and managers who want to maximize their buildings’ performance and lower operating costs.  

BPL’s trainings give in-depth instruction on energy efficient operations, best use of building automation systems, and energy local law compliance for properties across the New York market, including commercial, residential, and “MUSH” facilities (municipal and state governments, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, and hospitals).

Best of all, many of our programs are free, and all can result in significant savings in operational costs.

We’ve created a video presentation in which each BPL program manager describes the course they offer.

We offer training for three major roles in the building team: 

  1. Operate: Building Operators and Facility Staff
  2. Manage: Building Owners and Property Managers
  3. Design: Architects and Engineers

Operate: Building Operators & Facility Staff

Commercial & “MUSH” Buildigns

Building Operator Certification, a nationally recognized training and certification program focusing on energy efficiency and better overall performance.

Building Re-tuning, a high-end coaching program that guides operators to run their actual building systems more efficiently using their Building Automation System.

Multifamily Residential

Building Operator Traininga free, 30-hour course that can gives supers and maintenance staff the tools they need save money in energy, water, and maintenance costs.

Gas Safety Training, a free, 3-hour class that covers gas safety basics, compliance with 2016 NYC gas safety laws, and preparedness for gas incident recovery.

Manage: Building Owners & Property Managers

Building Energy Compliance Seminar: Crash Course Introduction to Local Laws, a free, 3-hour session that gives owners and managers a comprehensive view of the energy local laws, how they connect to each other, and compliance requirements. 

Building Energy Compliance: Project Planning and Implementation, four 90-minute sessions that build on BECS: Introduction to the Local Laws. Guides building owners and managers on how to plan and execute projects that can improve building letter grades and reduce or eliminate penalties (fines) for excessive greenhouse gas emissions.

How to Benchmark Your Building, a free, three-session course to equip building owners with all they need to know about New York City’s annual benchmarking requirements and submission process.

Benchmarking Refresher for Returning Users, a free, one hour class for building owners who have previously submitted benchmarking data to New York City. This special refresher will walk building owners through the steps they need to take to submit their annual benchmarking data well in advance of the May 1st deadline.

Design: Architects & Engineers

RETROFIT NOW! Reducing Carbon and Complying with LL97, a 14-hour course that gives architects and other designers the insight they need to design for deep energy retrofits that help building owners meet NYC’s new building code, avoid fines, and improve building letter grades. Owners and managers will find the course valuable in discussing options with their architects and as they do their long-term capital planning.

Retrofit Now will be offered on an ongoing basis throughout 2021. To stay up to date on upcoming offerings, please fill out our contact form.

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