NYC Building Operator Training

The NYC Building Operator Training Program is part of New York City’s PlanNYC commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Since 2017, Building Operator Training has been improving the skills of operations and maintenance staff working in NYC’s residential buildings through an overview of critical building systems with an emphasis on preventative maintenance and energy efficiency


  • NYC Building Operator Training is a 30-hour course for multifamily residential building operators: Supers, operations and maintenance staff as well as owners, property managers and Co-op or Condo Board members who are directly involved in building operations.
  • Curriculum materials are available in Spanish and English.
  • Now offered fully online and in-person..

Who Is Eligible

All individuals who manage, operate, and/or have hands-on access to building equipment and systems of NYC multifamily buildings including:

  • Maintenance staff
  • Property managers
  • Handymen/women
    • Superintendents
    • Operators
    • Owners
    • Co-op/condo board members

    Email training[at]cunybpltraining[dot]org for more information on how to set up a customized BOT program for your organization.

    What it Covers

    1. Building Envelope
    2. Ventilation and IAQ
    3. Heating System: Boiler-Burner, and DHW
    4. Heating System: Burners and Controls
    5. Heating System: Distribution (Steam)
    6. Heating System: Distribution (Hydronic)
    7. Health, Safety and Resilience
    8. Electric System and Safety
    9. Water Conservation and Lighting, Appliances & Efficiency
    10. Building Management and Communications

    Benefits of Training

    Even with the best equipment, optimal energy efficiency is not guaranteed without proper training for building staff. The course upgrades the skills of building staff so they can run a better building. Possible benefits of this training include:

    • Reduced building energy costs (estimated 5-20% reduction),
    • Extended lifespan of building equipment,
    • Fewer calls to outside service providers and better management of contracted services,
    • A more comfortable building for tenants, and
    • Better safety, compliance and emergency management protocols

    Training Impact

    Completing the Building Operator Training program can result in energy savings of 5–20%without requiring any major capital expenditures. Since it launched in early 2017, more than 1,300 building staff, including maintenance staff, property managers, supers, and handymen/women have participated in the training. Read more about the impact of the program: Building Operator Training Testimonials.

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